Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend review.

Rain this morning, such a change from yesterday's weather but at least it's not Hot! That will come all in due time.
Training for this weekend was a 6 mile run on Saturday in and out of Memorial Park. It was about 75* sunny, so it was really nice. After the run I stopped by the Team In Training table where they always set up to say hi to some fellow coaches that I stay in touch with and out of the side of people standing there was someone calling out to me. I turned to look and well, well, it was one of the nice gals from the sports doc's office that I had been interviewing with. We started talking about things and 45 mins later, all the TNT people have left and were still there talking. There was another member of this office there as well and they were giving tips on stretching, injuries, etc.. to the TNT members. It was great to speak with them as they both stated they had a hard time trying to decide who to hire and what there overall goal was. I let them know that I understood there situation and for now it had come down to timing and the time was not right to hire more doc but I was confident that they would be calling me back when the time was right. They are both so nice and had a great conversation with them. Also got invited to join a Yoga-Pilate's class this week if interested, might have to check that one out.
Sunday, I was out on the bike for 30 miles, nothing exciting here except the infamous head winds of 15 mph! Sucks! I was pedaling along at 13 mph and thought, hey, if the wind is 15 mph and I'm going 13 mph does that really mean I'm going -2 mph? Something to think about on the long flat straights. Temps were in the low 70's party sunny so it was nice as well. I had in mind that I would do a short run after the bike to simulate the bike-run transition, besides I need to practice this anyway. My time for T2 = 1:48 seconds, which was great considering I had to put my bike in the back of my SUV. I ran about a mile. The first 1/4 mile my legs were really heavy and just seemed slow to turn over but after 1/2 mile I was feeling normal in my running pace and my HR was about equal to my HR during the bike, (which I hope is a good thing, I gotta look into that.)
Today, I went to the gym to get my swim on only to find the AquaClass was in sessions, CRAP!
I went back to the front desk to ask for schedule because it's never posted anywhere and would you believe that the freakn` class was scheduled from 11-12 today only for the whole week! And this happens to be the time I get there, what are the odds! Well, I didn't want to wait around and luckily the pool is about 7-8 mins from my house so I came back home, got on the bike trainer and did an easy recovery ride for about 45 mins, dang, my butt was sore, didn't realize that.
So this afternoon I will be heading back to the pool to get the swim complete.
Have a great Monday!!!

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