Friday, March 16, 2007

Long 1st Ride.

As this weekend I will be out of town for a friends wedding, San Antonio, I had to change my training ride from Sunday to today. Some how I managed to get up early and get my act together and get out knowing that I had to be back in time to take my daughter to softball pitching practice, which, by the way she is doing so awesome and has had a couple of No-Hitters! Oh, and I had to get the oil changed and get the SUV washed for tomorrow so I had to get my spin on during the Bike!
Well, it was a pretty good ride and even exciting as a few "Eddyes" (if you seen the movie American Flyer's) kept me awake and made sure I could out sprint them, although, one was pretty freakn` smart and cut the angle on me and I had to jam the brakes, unclip, and get ready for a dual. I guess he figured I was uglier and stopped right at the road and we stared each other down as I rode slowly past him and increased my speed ever so slightly until I was far enough away. The out was great and come 2o miles it was the turn around to make the come back and damn it, if the freakn` SOB'n wind wasn't right in my face! No wonder I was clicking along at a good speed on the way out. So as I fought into the wind about 30 miles in I thought I would change the route and cut the wind from the side. It worked for a while and was alot better. I made it back to my SUV in 2 hours 45 mins with 42.6 miles! My longest Ride EVER!!!
It's interesting eating and drinking while you ride.
Then it was a mad dash home to clean up, get to softball practice and then get the oil changed.
All complete.
Now getting ready for San Antonio which is great because I am going to get up early and run on the River walk on Sunday. If you never have been to San An, check out some of the pics I pulled to give you an idea. The walkway is totally crowed during the day and night but early am you can run right down there without too much complications.

Have a great weekend and See Ya All Soon!


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momo said...

have fun this weekend, johnnyt! enjoy san antonio - its beautiful there!

yea, the eating and drinking on the bike thing takes some practice, but better to practice it now. great job on the ride!!