Friday, March 02, 2007

Workouts, Missed game, & Books.

Friday, Friday! Finally am getting some workouts in these last two days. Yesterday, it was a short 3 mile easy run at the park keeping the heart rate no higher than Z2. Then today, it was stopping by the gym and getting an upper body workout in and then running at the park for a 4 mile tempo run, each mile with negative splits!
Then I rushed home, changed, ate and jumped on the motorcycle to head to my daughters softball game but first I had to stop by the wife's work and drop off her ishuffle for her afternoon walk at the same park I run at. Then when I finally got to the softball game, running about 30 mins late, the guy asks me as I am walking through the concession stand, "you want a day pass or a weekend pass?" What you for, what you mean?, I say. He says, "you got to pay to go in" What, are you serious? OK, fine how much? $3 for the day or $5 for the weekend. I'll take the day. I reach for my wallet, open it and BAM! No freakn` money! WTF, I say to myself. I told him I didn't have any cash and that my daughter did if I could go in I would get it, He said Nope!
Being as I was riding my motorcycle, I said Look, I'll even leave my leather jacket here so you'll know I'll be back with the 3 bucks. Sorry, I don't think I can do that. (OK, so you think or you know, I really wanted to say) This is an older guy so it's clearly evident that he is not going to let me in and I'm starting to get pissed and about to tell him either I'm going in to get the 3 bucks or one of us is going home with a black eye and it's not going to be me. I walked away and called my wife and asked if she knew they were charging and said no, they never charge. I said well they do know! So by the time I go and get money either from my wife's work or closet bank I miss the freakn` game! I was pissed! So I just came home and took my time on some back streets. What an afternoon!
But hey I did finish Trump 101: The Way to Success.
This book is a fast read with 173 pgs. It's basic simple business and life tips that can be implemented at any time and actually should be used most of the time. Such as, Don't waste your life on work you don't love, Set the bar High, Bigger is better, Be Persistent, Have Knowledge, Learn by Doing, Know who your talking to, surround yourself with beauty, Negotiate to Win, Think Fast, Work with People you like, Think Positively, Get out of the Comfort Zone, etc.. I liked it because again it was a quick read and straight to the point, Trump Style!

This is my next book I started today. I have seen others read it so I thought I would check it out.

I must say that I have been quite the reader lately which is part of my New Year's Resolution to read more overall but at least 20 books this year with the Trump 101 book that makes 4. I must also give a shout out to Steven who's blog I read and loved all the books he reads and writes about and thought I really gotta get with it, thanks for the inspiration Steven!

Have a great Friday and weekend!!!! Be Safe!!



Steven said...

Thanks for the shout-out, John!

Always remember this when it comes to making time to read books:

"One who does not read is no better off than one who cannot read."

I belong anywhere but in between... said...

Are you ready to be my guru?

What is the difference between an easy run and a tempo run?

Have you read Christopher Reeve's book...if not, add it to your list!


Allez said...

I can't believe that guy wouldn't let you into the game!

SkiRough said...

Switching from one egomaniac book to another :) Karnazes is awesome though... despite how many times he mentions being nominated one of the "sexiest men in sports" (I think five or six times in the book?)

Andra Sue said...

Okay, I can't believe you actually finished The Donald's book. I tried to read one and I couldn't get his comb-over out of my mind long enough to concentrate! :) You'll love Dean Karnazes book...almost makes me want to do an Ultra. Um, but not quite.

JohnnyTri said...

I see we have a love-hate relationship here with the Don.

so far, Dean has mention his sexness like 2 times..


Bigun said...

they always get you at the drive through - motorcycle guys get no respect anyway....

My reading varies from Inside Tri to Triathlete and back - but I did order the Paleo Diet and a book on Leadership that should be in from Amazon soon...