Thursday, March 08, 2007

biking in great weather.

Wow, what great weather we have been having here in H-town, like in the low 70's during the mid-day and down in the 40's at night. So that being the weather I was outside on the road for my bike ride today. At first I thought it would be about 20 miles, easy flat ride but turned out to be 26 with a strong freakn head wind. But it was nice and got it done.
Today, will be running at the park just before my daughter's softball game which is great because it's at the same park today!
Book recap: Ultramarathon Man. This is a good story about Dean Karnez who is just beyond all terms understanding. This guy can run longer than any forest gump. He describes his life during hard times and growing up, along with when he discovered the running light. Amazing races he competed in and how he managed to run at unbelieveable distances and hours at a time.
At one point I thought about trying this ultramaration distance stuff telling myself I could do that only to read further about the hurt he was going through and changed my mind, haha.
Great book with a good story, I like it.


Allez said...

I could never imagine doing an ultramarathon. 26 miles is plenty hard enough for me!

Cookie Monster said...

A coworker just loaned me that book. Can't wait to read. Happy training!

SkiRough said...

If I lived outside of Manhattan, I would absolutely train for an ultra. Just being trapped in the city with no elevation training makes it pretty tough to train for the Western States. I'll definately try it if I move out west, though!

Bigun said...

looks like an awesome day for a ride! Jees, if I lived in Manhattan, I could do all the elevation training I could muster - on stairs! Shoot, in Brandon, FL there's like, two buildings over 4 stories tall...po-dunk usa....