Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!! 2007...

It's the new year, wow, 2007. Can you believe that? All I know for 2007 is that mine started with a FREAKIN COLD/SICKNESS!!! I just don't get it. This time it is my throat or tonsils hurting like a motherf`er and the loss of my voice or at least I sound like I swallowed a frog. I was actually sounding like the Godfather, Don Corleone and quoting the movie.. One day you will be called upon for a favor...LOL... So my voice is out, I started on antibiotics AGAIN! and had to go to court this morning, AGAIN!!!
At least I am feeling somewhat better today. My court, I had to pay 200 bucks for speeding and come back in a month to pay it, no biggie, but that leads me to my training which has been totally nonexistent for the last week! And with the Houston 1/2 marathon approaching in 13 days tells me that it looks like it will be another race to Finish so my goal of running under 2:30 will just have to wait or I will see how I feel that day and just run Forest run..
I will keep on keepn on for now..
Hope everyone recovered from New Years without too much of a hangover!


Allez said...

Sorry to hear you're sick again! That really sucks!

Charles said...

Sorry you are sick, but in my experience, I would focus on rest and getting better. Being healthy and not sick at the start line will cut your time more then any training you will do in the last 2 weeks. Be well and have a great race :-)