Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sleeping on the job..

Holy smokes Batman! I just reviewed my options for training and had to back date from the Full IM and Half IM and come to find out that training for the Half IM which is from a plan pulled from Trinewbies, 18 weeks, puts Training day #1 on June 24, which means that is 4 weeks after my first Olympic called CapTriTex. Which means if I choose to train for 18 weeks for the Olympic from the same site, I just missed my first week!!!! HELLO!!! 18 weeks would have started on Jan. 22 but there is also a 10 week program which would start on March 18th. The 10 week program is a beginner program with no serious regards to your time finish, just to finish. I feel the swim portion is a little on the light side for an Oly distance but just my opinion and the current 18 week program is a intermediate program (which is not me when it comes to swimming) and starts off swimming 750 yards and that would be great if I was still swimming!!
In recap I need to get swim training no matter what! and I need to really get my scheduled training going so I am getting a calender book and scheduling my workouts and getting with it!
I just looked at the calender again and it will be 24 weeks from the end of my Half IM till Ironman Arizona, fyi.

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momo said...

well, sounds about perfect to me. you can rest after your 1/2 for a few weeks and still do the 20 week IM program for IMAZ!!