Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Its coming..

the Cold Artic Freeze or what ever they are calling it today and it's supposed to be here on Sunday, geez, just in time for the Marathon. WTF! Some weather dudes say its not to get here till the afternoon others say first thing in the morning so I'm not really sure who to believe just yet. All I know is that I saw the Finishers Medal and I Want IT!! So windy, sleet, snow, rain, cold or hot I'm crossing the finish line to get that Medal!!!
I have a friend who has trained for it as well and come to find out yesterday that he had not received his confirmation card and so he called the contact number only to find out that he was not registered!! DAMN that would totally suck. So now he has to go through his credit card statements and find the charge to prove he did registered and if there is not one then he's Out, which, he said would not be a big problem if it was cold Sunday morning because he said he would not run if it was wet and cold, what a Winney!! huh..
Well gotta run and talk to you again later..~~~


TriShannon said...

Good luck!

Allez said...

The cold weather will make you run faster :-)