Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Book Recap..

Wow, I finally finished this book! If you like Mafia type stories this a good read. The book is about the DeMao crew from NY. There are many people involved in this story from the top of the chain such as Paul Castellano on down the line to just wanna be's in the mafia regime. The story is basically about a crew that works under Big Paulie and is involved in drugs, racketeering, extortion, auto theft, pornography, and of course Murder. The title Murder Machine is no lie when it comes to this crew as the will kill anybody, anytime and just about anywhere. Some graphic details are laid out how the crew makes people disappear or how they are left to be found for intense purposes. Killing for the DeMao crew is every day nature which is kind of creepy but just business in there eyes.
The story is goes through high's and low's of the crews personal lives and "professional" lives and gives a good insight to how the crew operated day in and out and all the thing's that they were involved in to make money for themselves, there capo's and for "the family". At some points it's amazing how one minute everyone is a loving family and friends laughing, drinkning, eating and the next minute someone is aced out by the same people. Nothing lasts forever or at least that's what they say in the crime world, so I've heard, lol.. but these guys eventually get busted due to some persistent FBI/NYPD guys and of course in the mafia world being a "rat" is outta the question unless you feel you got no other choice or choose a different life. I won't give away what happens in case you want to read but if you want to know email me and I'll lay it out for ya, but the book is good.
I like the book overall just simply because it was a mafia book and that stuff has always interested me and I had always wanted to read a mafia book. The beginning I must say was a little confusing to get all the names down which is important in this book because you have to know who is with who because the authors reference people living or dead thought the book.
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