Wednesday, January 24, 2007

and the Rain Continues...booo

Good day all! The week has been busy with rainy weather and cooler temps. The rain has kinda sucked because it cuts into running outside and getting on the treadmill is not that interesting past 2-3 miles, I start to go bonkers. Yesterday, I was scheduled to run 4 miles and was planning on getting it done on the treadmill but I got to the gym late due to traffic, etc.. so I just got in some aerobic training on the elliptical EFX Precor, I do love that machine. I have had some good responses to the 3 possible scenarios for the race/training season and it looks like most like Scenario #3 only with some minor tweaking. I will be going back and reevaluate it, make my decisions and then update this years race calender. Again, my slowest lagging procrastination is getting to the pool! For some reason it just isn't drawing me in and I just need to suck it up and get with it. My "plan" is to hit the gym pool right after work and see how that goes for a while, currently, the place where I was swimming is kinda closed because it's an outdoor pool with no overhead protection and the coach has just stopped the swims for a few weeks, the pool is heated but when it's raining and cold he just takes time off. On a side note I have been thinking about something totally out of the ordinary for me. I have been thinking and keeping my eye open for a part-time job. Why? Not like I don't have anything else to do right, training, family, resting, etc.. etc.. but mostly because I, like most of you, are on a budget and with family and commitments it's hard to spend extra on tri-bikes and stuff, ya know what I mean. So, I have pondered the idea and have not come to any conclusions but one of my gyms is looking for evening/late night shits so I might talk with them, hey, you get free membership so that's $34/mo savings! I don't want something too many times per week and maybe one day a weekend but it will depend on if it cuts into my TRAINING! haha.. something to think about because I really want a new Tri bike and they just don't give those things away, or do they?
Well, it's time to work and get some things done, like check fellow blogs, haha.. hey that's work!
have a wonderful day!!


Allez said...

Working at a gym is a good idea! That's one reason I got yoga certifited and taught for a while. Free membership, plus extra money :-)

Flatman said...

Go for it!

runliarun said...

From all the training I do, what I love best is the cross-training actually, that is swimming. Isn't that bizarre?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. A part-time job is always a good idea, at least it can't hurt trying. You gain exposure to something new and it stretches your mind. If it fattens your pocket, even better.