Wednesday, January 17, 2007

H-towns Artic Freeze & recovering..still..

Well the cold ice crap finally got here to H-town and now has the city all messed up, mostly because people don't take there time and SLOW DOWN! What can I say. Coming from the mid-west, Nebraska and Kansas City area you got snow and ice all the time and have to learn to just drive slow and be patient.
As for recovery this week things have been good. I lifted weights yesterday and just did a 6 min warm up on the EFX Precor machine which I could still feel the soreness in my legs but walking like a penguin has decreased and I seem to have my normal stride back.
Being as the roads are all messed up today and my daughter's school is delayed starting till 10 am so that kinda messed my gym activities up this morning so will get some ab work and walking on the treadmill at work today. I still feel some soreness in my legs so I think I will give them a couple of more days before running again.
Becareful out there today, where ever you are, and stay warm, (although sometimes I like the cold) ...

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Allez said...

The roads are horrible here too. I hate this cold and ice!!!