Friday, January 19, 2007


You got that right people, FRIDAY! Today, I went to the gym and was scheduled for a workout but being as my office opens at 9am instead of 9:30am M-Th so I decided that I would get a short treadmill run and ended up getting in an easy 2.5 miles in about 28 mins and then some stretching. It was good to be back running but I could still feel my left hamstring and right calf/Achilles tendon being sore so I stretched them pretty good after running and will get another stretching session in before I head home from the office. This weekend looks like it will be an easy relaxing alone time weekend for me as my wife has decided to pick up a couple of overtime shifts at the hospital working Sat/Sun from 10am -10pm, yikes!!! Sometimes I'm not sure how she works that long but all to her for being strong and just a shout out to her for working so hard! And my daughter is going to be at a friends house tonight because of some school play and tomorrow she is going to the mall and movies with some more friends and then I will pick her up after the movies and finally meet the infamous "Johnathan" that she has been ranting and raving about and how she likes him!!! WTF!! I think Johnathan is on my list!! As any protective dad would be, I have to look mean when I meet him, LOL.. its great to be a parent at times! Any ideas on how to make him shake in his shoes and let him know he better not mess with my daughter? HAHA.. I always thought being a Chiropractor was good enough because I do know about 10 different ways to break a neck! Kidding,, really its just about 3... Anyway, with all the free time I am going to watch some movies, workout, cook and get some reading done and what ever else comes around. Currently I am doing research on a few consulting companies that help in starting an office or expanding your office as I am looking at moving on and opening my own office but it does take time, money and research. But all in all I am just looking forward to a nice easy weekend as next weekend I will be tied up in continuing education seminar on Sat and Sun.
Have a great Friday!!! rockon`

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Allez said...

When my chiro adjusts my neck I think to myself one wrong move and he'll snap it! I'm still not totally comfortable with it! Have a great weekend :-)