Sunday, January 21, 2007

2007 Training, need help??

Good morning everyone! Saturday was a great day for some rest and running! Yes, running. I went to the gym to workout and also got 3 miles in on the treadmill or Dreadmill as Steven calls it. Time was 37mins 30sec. Pretty much steady running without any problems, I even kicked in a few intervals and ran at the 1/2 mary pace I just finished, got my heart rate up which was OK as Steven says you have to run faster and push yourself at times. The rest of the day I had to pick up and take my daughter from the her friends house to the movies and just watched Ironman Wisconsin on tape, great IM coverage, although I didn't feel they really captured the weather conditions as bad as they were, but than again how do you capture cold temps on TV?
So after watching the IM that got me thinking about my upcoming year which is now, WTF! I'm behind in planning but not really so here's my situation and need some fellow Triathlete's advice so please feel free to advice, comment, suggest or recommend or any other fashion.
Being as this is my 3rd year for running and really only 2nd year in tri's I am split as to which to do but I have came to a decision that I would like to entry IM Arizona 2008. With that in mind and a year's worth of training ahead and possible race's I now have 3 possibilities as follows which I need help on. I ranked them A,B,C for what I think are priority races so any C's are all out races just having fun, but B and A get more serious.
So here they are: Scenario 1: 3 Sprints, 2 Olympics, 1 HIM 1) Sprint 04/31/07 (B-race) (8 weeks till next race) 2) Olympic 05/28/07 (A-race) (13 days till next race) 3) Sprint 06/10/07 (C-race) (8 wks till next race) 4) Sprint 08/05/07 (B-race) (4 wks till next race) 5) Olympic 09/03/07 (A-race) (8 wks till next race) 6) 1/2 IM 10/28/07 (A-race) Scenario 2: 2 Sprints, 2 Olympics, 2 HIM 1) Sprint 04/31/07 (B-race) (8 weeks till next race) 2) Olympic 05/28/07 (A-race) (9 wks till next race) 3) Sprint 08/05/07 (C-race) (1 wk till next race) 4) Olympic 08/12/07 (B-race) (4 wks till next race) 5) 1/2 IM 09/09/07 (A-race) (7 wks till next race) 6) 1/2 IM 10/28/07 (A-race) Scenario 3: 3 Sprints, 2 Olympics, 1 HIM (Similar to Scenario 1, first 3 are the same) 1) Sprint 04/31/07 (B-race) (8 weeks till next race) 2) Olympic 05/28/07 (A-race) (13 days till next race) 3) Sprint 06/10/07 (C-race) (12 wks till next race) 4) Olympic 09/03/07 (B-race) (5 wks till next race) 5) Sprint 10/06/07 (B-race) (3 wks till next race) 6) 1/2 IM 10/28/07 (A-race) My goal is to just compete and have fun, no serious time allocations are set at theses races or my future IM. After the last race on 10/28/07 I will continue to marathon training with the 1st potential marathon 6 or 11 weeks later.
OK, again feel free to comment or ask any question.
Today, I think I will go down to the gym, 24 Hour Fitness by my house is having a casting call for the Next Biggest Loser! I saw all the lanes they set up yesterday and asked a guy there how many they were expecting and he said between 600-2000! HOLY CRAP! Also there is a motorcycle party/sale/ride thingy this afternoon but it's raining and kind of cold so might not go to that, that's all I need is to get freakn sick again!!!
Have a great day everyone!!


Allez said...

Looks like you will have a busy & fun year! ;-)

Charles said...

So I am far from an expert (my first IM is still several months away). I have done quite a bit of reading on teh subjest and talked to many people more experienced then me and here is my 2-cents:
Any of these paths will get you there. IM is more about consistency then anything else so if you can stick to any of these schedules then i think you will do fine. More shorter races will likely make you faster, but more long races (1/2IM) will perhaps give you more confidence and training for IM. An Olympic race is basically an entirely different sport then IM so getting at least 1 1/2IM in is key. Good luck!!!

Sarah said...

Are you doing the Lonestar Half Ironman? I thought you were, but it's not on your schedules.

Bigun said...

I'm looking to do my first IM in '08 - doing the 101 this year and a half IM at the end of the year - olympics are fun, once you train up for a half IM, your olympic races are less than many of your training days. Use this year to get a half or two under your belt - 68 days is only 10 weeks till your first 1/2 IM?!? I got my first one done on an average of 5hrs of training a week, ramped up to about 6 or 7 for the last month - and I survived. You've got some running miles under your belt, so you should do just fine. If you haven't been doing much swimming or biking - I'd spend the next 10 weeks (well, 8 weeks, since you've got about a 2 week taper to plan in there too, right?) getting in some good long bikes and swims. Just my 2 cents....good luck!

Steven said...

Well thought out.
I like the last option where you have two "A" races, but they are of different distance and there is more time between them than you have in option 2.

Either way...looks like an exciting and fun year ahead for you!