Thursday, January 04, 2007


Finally today I feel a lot better. My voice is pretty much back and I have an occasional cough. I even felt good enough to hit the gym for some light weights and 20 mins on the EFX Precor machine, love that thing.
I have been contemplating what to do on my training and preparing for the Houston 1/2 in 10 days and being as I am still not 100% I am not really going to try and push any running. I may try just a few short runs Sunday, Mon, Tues and then just take the rest of the week off. I don't think I should have any problems in going the distance but as for any time records I am not holding my breath, I'll just run and see what happens.
Now that it is a new year and as most are setting there training plans, race schedules, new years resolutions or what ever else you all do, I have decided that I will continue to SBR but I will also focus on weights and dropping some unwanted body fat, like who really "wants" it, right? Anyway, I will be starting a 12 week training program as this seems to keep me focused throughout the year. I have done a few of those Body for Life 12 week programs with good success and it keeps me focused but this time I will incorporate more SBR with the 12 weeks.
This 12 weeks will also take me to the beginning of April which is a great time to start some motorcycling and who wants to see a tubby on a bike, either motor or pedal, anyway?
So being as it is super raining here in H-town today and the office is slow this afternoon I will work on my training program and some lists for nutrition and supplements.


Bigun said...

don't go race sick! My advise, get better - race with whatever fitness you have getting there - being sick will negate any runs you do in the 10 days leading to the race. Just my 2 centolas!

Charles said...

I am so happy you are starting to feel better!!! Good luck scheduling your 12 week plan!!