Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday!! and the weekend outlook..

What's up everyone? Hope everybody has a great Friday and a great weekend at what ever you have planned! First off I sat down yesterday and worked on my training schedule for my first Olympic tri which is schedule for May 28th called the CapTexTri, my Olympic distance. So I have 16 weeks schedule out and now it's just Get`er down! So I was all pumped up yesterday after my morning treadmill run/intervals and had it set to go swim after work at the gym. I got there about 6:10pm and for some reason I thought I better check the pool just to see how busy it was because sometimes there are others waiting to swim even with 2 people sharing 4 lanes but NO that was not the problem today. It was AquaClass!! aaggghhhh! and it started at 6 pm and scheduled till 7 pm. Damn it! I was not going to wait around till 7 pm to swim so the rug was pulled out from under me and I left. As I was driving home I came to the decision that my swim's at the gym will have to be in the early AM because I can always run/bike after work at the gym or outside and it seems that swimming in the evening is much more of a task to complete. OK, I know I have said this before but it's true this time, really! Especially after my birthday in 18 days I am going to register for the Olympic and then I'm really in! or out my money and that's not going to happen. So that was my peeve for last night.
Today, Friday, is my rest day as I thought about going to swim this morning to make up for last night but as my scheduled day off I really need to stick with it because I certainly do not want to get sick again or anytime soon! This weekend I have to go and complete some C.E.'s for my chiropractic license so this will require my Saturday time from 8am-7pm!!! and Sunday 8am-2pm!!! So not much of a weekend for me but will get a overall body workout on Sunday and then hit the training for Monday. As you can see I have already scheduled my workouts for next week which will consist of 3 swims, 3 bikes and 3 runs.
Well as I said have a great weekend and enjoy whatever it is you do and probably won't see ya till Monday.


TriShannon said...

I am a morning swimmer for much the same reason. After work usually brings strange people to the pool, old men sitting in the hot tub watching the pool and 2 days a week it's reserved for the aqua class.

Have a nice weekend!

Steven said...

Have a great weekend, too! And best of luck with the Oly tri training.

SkiRough said...

I've actually had to share a lane with a synchro class before, it was odd.