Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bike testing recap.

Today at ViCi Sports I took on the Bike Lactate VO2 test which was given by Johnny. Arriving there you start by getting weight and height and clipping in and the test bike is adjusted for you. After a warm up of about 15 mins, there is an avg. RPM/Cadence and then it is determined at what RPM you will be tested, mine was 80.

Next came describing the testing procedures which would be 4 minute intervals at the 80 Rpm, at the end of the interval a small poke to the finger and then the Watts would increase. During this whole time you have an air tube in your mouth like a football mouth piece and a nose clip pinching off your air so no cheating. This whole apparatus was held on my a head gear and instructions were to keep breathing, don't look down or drop your head and oh yeah, keep breathing.

During this whole time you can see a monitor which has a display of your heart rate, RPM, watts, max hr and some other stuff. So once I started I my heart started to increase pretty quick and I thought crap, I'm gonna run out of gas quick, but after settling down, relaxing, and getting in the rhythm my HR went down a little but not too much as the 1st interval passed and we were on to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

20 mins later my HR was around 168 and I knew that from previous training and trying to max my HR on the bike I was at 172. As the next interval came I was really sucking wind and Johnny asked if I was ready for the next level, I gave the thumbs up and moved on. Once in this level after about 2mins I must have been looking like I was going to pass our or something as Johnny asked how I was doing and too increase my RPM just a little as I had dropped off pace and if you cannot return to pace the test is over. So I kicked it up and now at that 2 mins were left he started cheering me on! I pushed to finish the interval and Johnny asked if I was ready for the next level. (OK, here's where I access my condition: I see my HR at 176, completely sucking air as much as I can through the tube, mouth totally dry from the air, legs completely on fire, sweating like crazy!) So I give the thumbs down sign and test is over. Johnny says to take the nose clip off which I do as fast as possible and he removes the mouth piece/head gear and I slobber all over like a baby but hey, I can swallow and breath.

The watts are turned down and I am instructed to keep peddling and cool down. My HR is now 160 and I am coming back around where my eyes are not crossed or sucked into my head, haha.
As I continue to cool down I notice the my max HR 178, what! Damn!

So I finally climb off the testing bike, change and get to refueling and recovery. Now it's wait a few days and the rests will be emailed to me and the zones, calories per hour, watts, rpm, etc will all be explained.

Now it's recover for the next day and half and come back and do the Run VO2 test! Will update you on that as well.


Myles said...

Sounds like a time trial while wearing a mask...ugh.

Allez said...

What a cool test to do!

momo said...

can't wait to hear how the zones ended up. i did my test early in my training cycle, and i think my heart rate has adjusted a little, i'd be interested in doing it again.

didn't you feel you'd had a hard workout after your test??

JohnnyTri said...

Oh yeah, Like I had just biked about 25 miles in like 20 mins!
I was tired and fatigued this am but finally came around for my swim.


Steven said...

I like the new blog header, Johnny! Very cool.