Saturday, June 09, 2007

Prerace Tejas..

So everything is ready for Tejas Sprint Tri tomorrow morning and I am race #730 and the race was capped at 800. We are to have great weather with the temps 75-85*, lovely humidity of 87% at 7am dropping to 74% by 9am and light winds of 3 mph.

Any race predictions, not at this time, but just go like lightening as my training plan will be back from ViCi Sports next week or so and then I will have to slow down some..booo... :)

For the race tomorrow, Daniel and myself will be representing SST (spine and sports therapy) and wearing TNT (team in training) gear.

JD will have to sit this one out as he came down with some sickness Friday, Get better man! The SST team needs da capitan`.

Let me just say I am not using a wet suit, using my new bike shoes and not wearing any socks so T's should go fast.

as I like to say ..."it's all over but da crying..kick da tires and light da fires, Big Daddy!" (part of that saying must give credit to Harry Zier, a colleague from chiropractic college who passed away.. Ur Awesome Harry! miss ya)



Bigun said...

kick and light was a good line from "independance day"...but I'm sure Harry said it better!

be fast today and have fun!

momo said...

it should be over by now - let us know!

hoping you had fun!