Thursday, June 21, 2007

Follow the yellow brick plan..

And this is exactly what I have done the last 4 days this week. I followed the training plan as stated and tomorrow is Rest Day!! Yahoo!

Training today (sorry Bigun, no chart) seemed like a Tempo Run but they call it:

Maximum Lactate Steady State (MLSS) Training Duration: 20 to 60 min Warm-up: 20 min Zone 1

Intensity: Zone 4 (MLSS and anaerobic threshold) Purpose/Description: to improve the velocity or power output associated with your MLSS. This workout is performed at a constant effort for the specified amount of time. Your effort should be Zone 4. Following this workout, you should cool down in Zone 1 for 10 min.

All I know is that the 20mins I was in Z4 it was go time! I even cranked out a 9:30/mile which is Huge for me. It was a little hot, imagine that in Houston, and once finished my cool down was basically a fast walk/jog.

After further playing with the Garmin I now have it set in running mode to give me a read out on Distance, Pace/mi, HR, and HR Zone along with automatic 1 mile lap times (although I forgot to turn off the alarm for slow and fast pace times, it kept beeping at me in Z1.. beep..beep.."speed up".. and Z4...beep beep.."slow down"

Off to bed so see ya all tomorrow!!



Bigun said...

that's a switch up workout - thought you were in a "base" phase by your low zone prior workouts...good stuff.

Allez said...

Enjoy the rest!

SkiRough said...

I am sure those running near you enjoy your beeps :)