Tuesday, June 26, 2007

moving along..slowly

First off congratulations to those for racing in the Buffalo 70.3 and IMCdA! You all are awesome!

Also super congratulations to Myles for locking up 1st place in his division! U Stud!

Now training updates:
This weekend I did slack on my swim workout/weights for Saturday. Excuses: humm.. tired or lazy not sure.. actually felt fatigued and after speaking with the exercise physiologist it was basically because I ran out of gas/fuel/calories etc.. at the end of the week from working out so that means I need to eat more! Yahoo!
Sunday I was out the door for the 80 min Bike and 50 min run. Did good staying in the zones but by the time I got to the run it was humid and hot and I paid a little for it on the run. Good things come from your training, such as, I learned I needed more calories and because it was so hot/humid I need to wet down with water more frequent to help stay cooler, especially since July 15th will be HOT!

This week continues with last nights bike in zone 4 for 20 mins and I realized I would much rather do a 90 min long ride then short intensity threshold work! but without complaints I got it done. Today, is 30 min swim and weights! I likely da weights!

Can't wait to finish reading the race recaps from all those listed below in Captains Log.



Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

sounds like you are doing great with a really rigorous training schedule!! Good job, you'll be ready for Woodlands 101. I just know it. ;)

Molly said...

WOW...I wish someone would tell ME to eat more!!!! You lucky duck!

Well, not lucky...you've put in a LOT of miles - great work!

Take Care

Laurie said...

Hey! Just droppin' by to check out your blog. I like it so I am adding it to my links. :)

momo said...

nutrition is the 4th discipline. its easy to forget, but you're learning early - you're well on your way - keep it up!

Allez said...

Same with Molly... I wish I could eat more! I have a big appetite!