Thursday, June 07, 2007

Run Testing Recap. and some new Toys!

First off let's recap some training from yesterday. I have been having a little difficult with my swim stroke without my wet suit and the last couple of swims I was just feeling confident, could feel my legs dragging, and overall was just tiring out too fast.

So yesterday JD gave me some adjustments to my swim, he as gone through the Total Immersion class and swim's nicely. After changing this and that and S-L-O-W-I-N-G down my arm turn over I was able to maintain a constant rhythm without stopping for about 8oo meters! Which was great because we swam about 1450 and I was actually feeling so much better I was singing: "dah, dah, dat, da, da, ..I'm lovin` it" and thinking about a BigMac! So I knew I was much more comfortable. Awesome!

Today, the Run test at Vici Sports. After getting there and getting warmed up which was a 15 min jog at first then slowed to a fast walk for me it was time to get it on. According to my Bike test results, Johhnny told me that we would not be using the O2 measurement because I gave such a great test on the bike it would not be too much different. (oh, don't start giving me props yet, the O2 test was actually below avg. and so basically my O2 production sucks!)

The test was administered the same way, 4 min intervals with a poke on the finger for blood testing and then increase the speed by .5mph. All I know is that I was able to increase it 6 or 7 times and I saw my max. HR at 178! The report will show all the details and I can report more later on the bike/run results.

Overall, it was an easier test than the bike test, mostly because I was not wearing the O2 mouth piece and it was obviously easier to breath. Now I am a little tired and will "try" to get to bed earlier, but I just got Triathlete Magazine so I have to read it. :)

Tomorrow will be packet pick up for Tejas Sprint Tri on Sunday.

So now for some new Toys:
First off last week TriVantange closed there Proshop and had a 50% off all in stock merchandise, it was totally heaven, so I got a Giordana Bike AeroMesh Jersey for $20 and a Oomph! Kona Vest for $25, and some TYR Race Shorts as well as I got my wife a few things.

Then I ordered some new Louis Garneau Tri Air 2 Triathlon Shoes and of course there freakn` huge! Size 50.

And last but not least thanks to MoMo for the heads up on the Garmin 305 from I ordered it with a cadence monitor: and it should be here tomorrow!



Bigun said...

jees, johnny-large, you've been busy! Pull the stops out on your sprint this weekend - don't worry about nothin'; you are ready. Listo! Looking forward to hearing how you do - keep that in mind when you start to slack off...just kidding big guy - enjoy the race!

Comm's said...

You'll be happy with your garmin. Cadence is not all I hoped it would be with my polar unit but there is more than enough other data to keep me happy.

Myles said...

The Garmin is very cool, I love mine.

Go get'em at the sprint!

momo said...

have a great race this weekend!

the coolest thing about the garmin is the graphs, i'm not joking. i never used to like that stuff, but now i download it to my computer after each run and send the graphs to my coach. i'm not so sure she's all that impressed but to me, those squiggly lines are cool!