Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lots of activity.

As you may have noticed I updated my blogger page with a new banner and some color. It took forever to get it set so hope you like.

As for the activity, I just signed up for the Olympic distance of Ironhead Dallas. Basically, this is my make up for Cap Tex being rained out.

I also somewhere in the back of my crazy little mind have been keeping tabs on IMAZ 08 and as of May 29th there were 1557 people registered. That means I still have time and with way things are looking with the Olympic and a half IM in the fall and possibly 101 in late fall with the Marathon or 1/2 marathon in Jan 08 I really could see myself clicking that registration button. Will have to really think about that one being as I just started with a new job and such and making sure the family is on board.

Well can't wait to hear how the Bigun did out in Alcatraz today!

Today, I got a 26 mile bike ride keeping it easy with my HR close to 140 and avg 18.6mph, that was pretty good I thought. Although I did notice my knees feeling achy later on in the day and I really didn't have that problem on the ol' Lotus bike, so today I went shopping for some new tri cycling shoes but because I have a great big Sasquatch foot no luck. I need a 50 shoe and only found 49's so I ordered some when I got home!!! They should be here this week.

And check this out, trivantage has changed there name to ViCi Sports and this week I am scheduled to undergo the great VO2/Lactate testing for the bike on Tues and Run on Thurs! YEEEEHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (bluhh, puke) hehe.. Should be fun.

And one last final question: If your spouse/boy-girlfriend or someone else was willing to buy you the Garmin Forerunner 305 which costs about 300 bucks (375 web site) or register for an Ironman which costs 500 bucks,
Which Would You Pick??



IM Able said...

Definitely sign up for an Ironman. You can get the essentials from a more simple HRM and will get a whole heck of a lot more out of an iron journey!

At least, that's my humble opinion...

(ps -- i did the 200 series garmin and am perfectly happy with's a nice alternative to the more pricey model)

SkiRough said...

I would pick the Ironman. You can always buy the HR monitor later... you'll have a year to get it.

Love the new banner!

TxTriSkatemom said...

um, the way I work it would be to sign up for the Ironman, then go ahead and get the Garmin afterward... you'd have a justification for it, to better prep for the Ironman, right???

Or am I just spoiled rotten? hee-hee.

Ironman, dude. No question.

momo said...

hey, johnnyt, your new look is nice!

i would sign up for the im. :-) no question.

secondly, when you can, i would go to and buy the garmin 305 from there because you can get one for $220 which is what i just did and i love it. the only thing though - i bought the bike adapter stuff too BUT the battery only lasts for about 10 hours, which means i can't wear it for the bike AND the run at cda. i need a back up plan!

1HappyAthlete said...

It's unanimous: sign up for the ironman and use that as justification to get the Garmin.


By the way, I LOVE my garmin - couldn't train without it. Especially since you had the testing done, you can program in all of your heart rate zones.