Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tejas Sprint Recap.

So here we go. Of course it was up early which didn't really matter because I only got like 5 hours of sleep. Got to the race site and wouldn't you know it my bike race is all that way at the end! Actually, my race was close to the run in, about 1/2 way to the bike in/out and totally opposite end of the transition area, oh well.

Swim: OMG, WTF. (can you start a sentence with abbreviations?) The swim was a little crazy for me. I started behind out Clydesdale/Athena/Teenagers group. The course was a little zig-zagy and not a direct swim around the buoys so I was really trying to pay attention on my siting. Well somewhere along the first buoy as I was getting closer I heard somebody yelling at me! I stopped and looked to the left and there was a crew member, "Hey, you have to swim to the right!" I look in front of me and I am totally off course, nukit! I yell back, thanks and sorry and change my direction. At some point after this I ran out of breath and totally had to slow down and back float for about 30 seconds and then it was on. I got into my rhythm after making the turn around and trying to stay a little wide as the wave group behind me was now starting to pass me. After making the last turn to head for the swim finish I realize that I have swam a non-direct path which probably added some time but no excuses, I exit the swim at a pathetic 19:05! and #38/44.

Getting to T1 from the swim exit was on the opposite end which was OK for me because I was right at the entrance. I actually walked just a bit to catch my breath and bring my HR down, time: 2:07 #15/44

Exiting for the bike was running about half way through the transition area. The course was a two loop with some pretty long straights and just a couple of slight inclines. I was passing pretty good on the first lap and few passed me as well. By the second loop my HR finally dropped about 10 beats and I was feeling good holding 20mph. (I used Accelerade w/Nuun? tablet but it was a little too strong and burning my throat during the bike but got through it)
Bike time: 31:50 #23/44 wtih an avg. 20.7mph.

T2 was getting back to my rack all the way at the end but I noticed that my hamstrings where they connect to your butt were totally burning/cramping.
After the shoe change I was out of T2 in: 2:11 #21/44.

By now it was really humid and starting the run I grabbed some water and walked just a bit to get my HR down some before I started running. The run was went well and reached the 1 mile make and took some more water with my gels and was getting yelled at by spectators to get moving and do that while running! haha. So I did! At mile 2 was a little more water and keep pushing.
There were a couple of Clyds that were ahead of me by about 30 yards the whole run and I just couldn't reel them in. Finally, when I figured there was about 1/2 mile left it was time to catch them boys. After catching them we were about 150 yards from the finish and I was not going to be passed so I sucked it up and pushed it till the finish. When I came around one of the last corners where the spectators were, there was the guy that was yelling at me at mile 1 to get moving! I pointed at him and yelled Thanks for earlier! My run time was on with what I expected completing it at: 30:23 #32/44 for a 10:08/mile pace.

Total time: 1:25:37.
So my thoughts: First off sprints are balls to the walls all out and which is fine but for some reason just don't feel they are my forte. My swim totally sucked and other than swimming all over the place I just saw slow! The bike was good and hitting 20-23mph will work for a sprint but doubt I will be doing that next month in Dallas and in July so slowing down to about 19mph will be my goal pace. The Run, here I just got to get faster which will come from losing a couple of more pounds and working more on some speed training sessions. Transitions were good but me walking from the swim to T1 and T2 to run needs to be cut out and just run.

I totally had fun and loved wearing the TNT gear as there were about 15 TNT'ers there from the Cap Tex race that got rained out and are planning on doing the Dallas race as well.

This afternoon I am really sleepy and feel drained, I guess from lack of sleep and hammer time with the heat and humidity. Drinking lots of water as I feel a little dehydrated.

So there you have it, on to Ironhead Dallas Olympic July 15th.



Deb said...

sounds like a great race really. With each race you get under your belt, you'll figure out what's the best way for YOU to race, (nutrition, how you'll react to heat, hydration). It's an exciting journey...I love reading about it!

Myles said...

Great race, way to hammer on the bike! You are right about wanting to take it back a notch for the Oly.

Allez said...

You DID do great!!! What's the accelerade & tablet supposed to do?

TxTriSkatemom said...

congrats, JT -- you are doing awesome. It sounds like a blast. I will definitely be at the July 15th race. Prolly not racing, but spectating and cheering for sure!

Molly said...

You will be SO ready in July!!!

Bigun said...

Awesome sprint, mijo - you rocked! Use your HR moniter for your speed for your next one - keep your bike within your limits and save some for the run. You'll do great! Dallas in July - HOT!!!!