Wednesday, June 20, 2007

called out .. :)

After being called out by the Bigun for watching too many movies, haha. I went over and signed up for Athlinks. It's actually a great data base system (free to sign up) for tracking all your races/events that you may have participated in. Mine actually found my marathon run from 2004, so now I have all my events in one place, pretty cool. Then it also has a myspace thing where you can have friends, such as the Bigun, write race recaps, post pictures and even tracks your "rivals" that have entered events such as yourself and were in your age group, cool huh.

Training so far has been going good. OK, so it's only been 2 days on the plan but those two days were great. Monday, was the bike ride in Zone 4 which was a little challenging and yesterdays swim session for 30 mins in Zone 2 was slow and steady. I was at the gym pool which now I know why I don't like the pool, 1) Chlorine smell even after you take a shower; 2) cannot stay consistently swimming, have to turn at the walls; 3) Chlorine smell; 4) sharing lanes; 5) Chlorine smell and last but not least 6) Chlorine smell!

I forgot my lap watch so I was not sure exactly how far I swam but I do know it was 30 mins.
Then it was transition to workout clothes and hit the new strength training program that goes along with this new plan. I was done in 30 mins and heading home to refuel as I was Hungry!

That's all for now..



Lance Notstrong said...

Yeah, the chlorine sucks. I take a shower after swimming and then when I take a shower again that night, the water hits me and it like "reactivates" the chlorine smell.

Allez said...

I love the smell of chlorine!

Lance Notstrong said...

She ain't lying Johnnytri!!! Allez has a big time chlorine fetish!!! :-) Hmmmm.....I think I need to hit the pool :-)

Bigun said...

I kinda like the chlorine too. I use it as a guage - if I can smell chlorine, I don't have to take a shower today. Now if they'd only let me shave in the pool, I'd be all set...