Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A chart for Bigun..!!!

OK here is a chart from my Garmin on my bike Zone 2 ride today. Kept that heart rate in da zone.. loven` it! and felt great! Maybe this slow and low stuff is not so bad.. rockon`

UPDATE: After a specical request I updated my chart to BPM! haaaa! My HR Z2 is 135-146. haaaa again!


Myles said...

Dude, that is some serious flatness going on in the elevation area...I hope that is what the 101 will look like.

Bigun said...

nice chart - thanks - I personally like to see HR data in BPM, but zone is cool (the reader, ME, doesn't know what your zones are) - ha!!!!!! Nice ride. I can't find my garmin download cable, so I've been without graphs for a while - I'm a mess these days!

Allez said...

Anything is better in chart form!

Molly said...

As much as Bigun likes the charts I never like to see them...I don't understand!!!! I guess if I do get that Garmin for Christmas that will all have to change!!!

My next race is a relay tri in July...another 10K for me!

Thank you SO much for being so supportive of were my first "tri buddy" and if it were not for you and all the connections I made through you I do not know if I would be where I am today physically or mentally!

Thanks Again!!!!