Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Gamin..

So the Gamin 305 finally came after not being delivered as guaranteed with Amazon but after sending a quick email about the shipping they quickly responded stating they would refund all my shipping costs! Score! And hats off to Amazon for customer service.

Now that I got this gizzmo I have spent a few hours setting it up and pushing all of the 7 buttons so I guess all that is left is get to using it, oh wait, I do have to set the cadence sensor up on the bike. Since the Tejas tri on Sunday, my legs have been a little sore, not sure why, maybe the increased burst of intensity but today I am scheduled for a stretch session of the lower body so that should easy it up.

This week training will continue to focus on swimming as Ironhead Dallas is just a little over 4 weeks away and I want my swim to be descent where I feel in control and not my body in control of me, ya know.

I will also change nutrition strategies and work on things for the heat. I am currently waiting on my training plan from ViCi sports which should come back this week but I do have a follow up consultation on my bike/run VO2's-lactate tests tomorrow afternoon so it should be interesting.

Last night we had our monthly meeting for the Houston Racing Triathlon Club and the guest speaker was a nutritionist who talked about basic nutrition for endurance athletes. It was good to hear because we all think we know what to eat and how much water to drink but after a quick poll show of hands and asking the question, How many servings of Fruits/Vegs are we supposed to eat? Anyone, Anyone?? If you said 10, you would be correct. The majority of the people in the room last night, including my self thought it was around 5 and that would be correct a couple of years ago. Triathletes and athletic involved people actually need more though according to the nutritionist. I was also surprised to learn that quick estimate for (high quality) H2O (any know the movie?) is basically taking your weight and dividing it in half and that's the amount in ounces you need to maintain hydration. So exercising and training you need MORE! So get to drinking people, as you have been reading my post you should have taken a swig of water.

That's it for now so will catch you all after I do some training with the Garmin and get some cool readings. I hear from those that have it I am going to love all that it does, can't wait!



Molly said...

I am excited to hear more about the Garmin. I am anticipating asking my parents for one for Christmas!

Also, thanks so much for the nutrician info. Did he/she mention what equals a serving...that is something that I often ponder. I had a below average run last night b/c of nutrician...blogging about that one soon!

As always, thanks for your support!

Take Care

Ken Schulz said...

I would be interested in reading your review of the 305. My Timex Bodylink just bit the dust and I need a replacement... product review post on teh Bodylink.

Glad to hear you had a good experience with Amazon. A few years ago I got screwed on a cell phone purchase and haven't shopped there since. Maybe customer service has improved.

Oh, and the movie... The Water Boy... goodtimes!

Lance Notstrong said...

Ken beat me to the movie punch line. I love that movie :-) YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Andra Sue said...

Ah, The Water Boy...fabulous movie. Congrats on the new toy and a great race last weekend!

Texas heat is finally upon us, time to acclimatize and start drinking up...

1HappyAthlete said...

I follow the same h20 plan - 1/2 my body weight in oz of water. I try to sip constantly all day, versus gulping. I definitely notice a difference in my energy levels and how I feel overall.

Let us know how you like the Garmin 305. I have a 301 that I love


Bigun said...

I been straining my madula oblongata to figure out the movie, and it's gettin me ornery! I axed my moma and she says that Mrs. Bigun is the DEVIL, but ever since she showed me her boobies (the Devil, that is, not Mama...), we get along just fine....