Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Its nice

Awe, it's nice today. A little humid but nice and the fact that I got some sleep and totally ended up resting yesterday, forgoing my swim class because it just didn't feel right. Came home and drank 2 Coronas (love`em) ate dinner and watched a little tv and went to bed.
(Great picture)
Woke up feeling better and got out to do my 5 mi tempo run. Started out a little sluggish but then warmed up and by mile 3 it was on. Probably ran my 3rd mile a little fast but got it done. 5 miles completed in 57 mins. Thats good for a big sasquach like me! lol.. OK, gotta go finish my coffee and get to work, ya I know.. bankers hours, hey somebody's gotta do it...(9:30am - 6pm)

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Steven said...

Corona is my standard fare when we go out for Mexican food. Of course, Mexican food in Oregon is probably pretty lame compared to what you can probably get in Texas!

I like the picture...I didn't know Houston sat in sucha pretty location! ;)