Monday, October 02, 2006

Time for resting - Not Really, Go Time!!!

What a great weekend! How about you all? Hoping so, as I haven't yet gone to fellow bloggers to read weekend reviews, but am on the way.
Saturday was a good 8 mile run although it was hotter and humid than its been all week but got it done. Then had lunch with my wonderful daughter at Pappas Burgers and we got to talk and catch up on things from school, the football game, the Susan G. Komen race/walk she did and then it was off to stop by Borders to pick up the Oct. issue of Triathlete mag and a few mags for her. Then we went back to the house to rest and next thing I know we are off again to run an errand that my wife could not get to b/c she was working that day. So we run to Target, buy a baby shower gift and back home to rest! Oops, not so fast, it's later in the afternoon and now we decide to go to the Jazz Festival at the Kemah Boardwalk so here we go again. Talk about everyone and there neighbor that were out at Kehman. We stopped by a bar called Zone 504 Sports Bar, to see if Jessie was there, he's a co-owner and a good friend but he had left to go eat so we didn't get to see him. The Jazz was great but around 11 pm the music changed to a slow easy jazz and was putting all of us to sleep. Oh, during our walking around I ran into one of my best friends and his wife and family; Jose, he helped me during my body for life 12 week workout. He is also a Chiropractor and off-season bodybuilder, hey Jose, you need to get back working out, chunky!
As Saturday came to an end it was a great Sunday morning! I was up and out the door to take on a 30 mile ride. It was a little hot and windy at times but overall it was a good ride. It was new route and I was following a map and at times it seemed like the road would never end. Guess that's why they say you have to mental toughness on the bike.
Sunday afternoon was spent watching some last minute NFL games, Sorry Steve your Hawks went down to the Bears, but your Ducks win big over AZ. Also was able to relax while watching Take the Lead and Troy while adding up all my gas and meal receipts for the tax guy, Yes, I am filling my taxes late, hehe.
Today, I slept in just a little longer and hit the gym for some upper body training and a short 1 mile treadmill run. Tonight, I have to go see about starting my swim training after I stop by to help my daughter for an hour with her pitching coach, I have to be the catcher, and ouch, sometimes she throws Hard! Stings da hand!
Great weekend and looks like a great week ahead!!

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Steven said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. Ducks KICKED ASS while my Seahawks got their's kicked. But...they WERE without the league MVP so it may have been different if Shaun had played.

And if they meet in the NFC playoffs da Bears will be handed their backsides as the 'Hawks go on to win the Big Game in January.