Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cold bug trying to bite..

Well after all the rain and flooding happened just as quick as it came it all disappeared within a few hours and by 7pm things were back to normal, almost..
It seems that some time during the day my body decided it wanted to feel a minor sore throat. What? Are you kidding me? My wife has been sick for the last week and is much better so I thought I was out of the woods and dodged the sick bug but not so fast there skippy..
So this sore throat thing same about lunch time and you all know it's just annoying.
I was not going to let that stop me in the afternoon as I went to the gym to get in my short recovery run because it was still raining outside. Hey, I thought my gym membership included "air condition" at the gym but I guess that costs extra. The gym at Myerland 24 hr fitness was so freakin hot and humid. I wasn't even 1 mile into my run and was sweating like crazy, totally felt like running in a sauna, for real! I got my 2 mile recovery run in but it sure felt a little difficult towards the end due to the non-ac. Maybe it was broke, maybe they cut it off, who knows but I might as well have run outside if I was going to sweat that much and get totally soaked.
I then changed and hit the pool for 900 y. It was a good swim overall. I made my way home and took some Vitamin C, B-Complex and of course Day Quil to help out. Watched some TV and went to bed.
This morning as I awoke I checked my HR as I normally do and found that it was about 60/min which is way higher than my avg. of 44-48/min. So I knew that I was not recovered and this little sore throat thing was affecting me. I got up got ready and changed my plans to REST DAY forgoing the stationary bike training and weight training today. Today, will be more B-complex, vitamins, day quil, H2O and to bed early to get about 9 hours sleep.
Hey As I am writing this at work, the TV is on Live with Regis and Kelly and there is going to be an 88-year-old Triathlete! Wonder who it is? It was Mary Stroebe from Madison, WI. They said she has completed 12 Triathlons.


Steven said...

Get better soon.
Cool counter, too...I should do one for IMC 07.

Allez said...

Feel better! Strep has been going around real bad here.

I tightened up my h.r. chest strap. Seemed to do the trick :-)

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was home sick yesterday watching the same crap - Kelly's pretty hot, even though she's a bit goofy - from here "form" I doubt she swam a mile....