Sunday, October 22, 2006

IM Kona, Motorcycles, Football & cold bug

Congratulations to Normann Stadler for his win at Ironman Hawaii and a hugh great job to Chris McCormack for racing unbelievable during the run and making up some huge time on the run to chase down Normann, another 2-3 miles and he probably would have had it, maybe next year. For those that were watching via web stream (I was logged on for 15 hours!) it was a so nice to see Normann wait for McCormack at the finish line to congratulate him because he knew it was hot on his heels. And SUPER CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE HAWAII COMPETITORS! I am still trying to get over this nagging congestion and stuffiness and at times it seems to be getting better but than it changes and I feel blah. Thursday night was swim class putting in 950 yards and it was cooler temps with our pool water temp about 79*, burrr. Friday I took the day off to get more rest and help the cold but Saturday I went out for a short 5 mile run. I was an easy run being as this week was my cut back week and attempt to rid the cold bug. Overall, I feel this weeks training was great for the pool and ok for the run even though it was cut back week I may have cut too much but that's OK due to the cold bug. Press on. Saturday after the run I made it home quickly to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Texas Longhorns. The game was in Lincoln, Ne. and it was a great overall game. Lot's of trick plays, good defense, offense, weather, and fumbles. The Huskers gave the game away with a fumble late in the 4th qtr pictured here and the Longhorns come away with the win at 22-20 thanks to the Huskers turnovers. You can't give a great team like Texas the ball on turnovers because they will make you pay for it, and they did a couple of times. I hope too see the Horns again in the Big 12 Championship to be held in Kansas City, Mo.
OK, so I have been looking for another 2 wheeled toy. It's not a Cervelo, Quintana Roo, Kuota, Felt, Kestrel, LiteSpeed or X-lab but a 2006 Honda VTX1300C. My wife and I have always loved motorcycles and since we had to get rid of our last bike about 3 months ago due to unforeseen circumstances (whole other story) we have decided that we want another one. Now I know that purchasing this 2 wheeled enjoyment puts changes in our lives, financially and physically. What? Physically because I will have to work out other details to continue my triathlon training so that we can spend time riding and enjoying it together which is definitely not a problem. I enjoy having a motorcycle but it does take more commitment to go riding and usually means staying out later and eating not as healthy but that I can control for myself. It's all a matter of give and takes and even though triathlon does take a lot the balance has to come from giving as well. I think it's a good..wait..great thing! One more reason to love the sport of triathlon.. it just makes us better people! One more week till IronStar Triathlon where I will be volunteering. I will be talking about this during the week. Have a great Sunday and Steve, good luck to your Seahawks.

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Steven said...

My Ducks lost!
My Seahawks lost!

Not a good weekend to be a bird, I guess.