Saturday, October 07, 2006

Nothing special but Enjoyment..

Hey all. Glad its the weekend because that means great training time. Friday was a day off and today was 9 mi run with great cooler weather. I must comment on how good my first week of swimming. Starting on Monday with basic stroke corrections and talking with the coach and understanding that for the first few weeks we are going to work on endurance, so don't worry about times or speed. It was kind of difficult at first to not keep clock watching but after the third session I wasn't even thinking about it.. heck, im too busy watching the seconds hand on the swim clock to make sure I don't miss my next set. By Friday, I was swimming a total of 800 yards! What are you kidding me? I have NEVER swam that much before. I would get tired or just stop because of this reason or that reason but at the class you just keep going. Friday also introduced me to another swimmer named, Steven. Younger guy who was fascinated by the fact that I was going to participate in a 1/2 iron distance. I quickly told him he could do it too! He already has the swimming down. We talked in between sets and kick boards and although the conversation ended, the subject is still ongoing. Amy was missing this night so once again it was only 2 swimmers for the Coach Lionel. Friday evening I noticed my neck and shoulder were sore. Definitely the swimming I said to myself. All worth it. As my wife and I went out with my bro-sister in-laws (Gerado & Alice) we first went to dinner at Lupe Tortias and then one to T-Bone Tom's. What a great place to listen to some music out on the patio deck in Kehma. After a few beers we headed home and it was lights out. Today's run was low and slow for 9 miles. I basically started my watch, headed out from Memorial Park and ran for an hour, turned around and came back. Lots happening out there today, tons of runners, a cross country meet, Louis Palau City Festival and great weather! Tomorrow is a great day in the making. Rockon`...

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