Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bring on the newbies, wait, I am one!

Whats up peps? Just stopping in for updates.
Yesterday, was a good morning was a great day at the gym for legs and biceps and the elliptical trainer, which, I have not been on for about 6 weeks due to all the SBR stuff. Its nice to get back on there..note to self, get back on there more often.
The leg workout would prove to maybe be not such a great idea when swim training began with 100 warm-up and then 100 kickboard, yikes! First off, I am totally not good at kick boards and always am outta breath by each 25. But not to worry, I am getting better. Then completed the swim workout with a total volume of 750 yards. Feeling much better since Monday and have been getting more sleep and intake of H2O.
Afterwards, I talked with a couple of the other swimmers as they were curious about me swimming for a triathlon. It was great to enlighten new people on the world of triathlon. Different questions bring great conversations and although I have not completed very many tri's, it's fun to talk about the life a triathlon and where it can take you. As we talked I encouraged them to look into the triathlon in April 2007 which there are different distances and they easily complete the swim portions as they are good swimmers. I could see the curiosity in there eyes as they thought about it just for that brief moment and was probably thinking that they could do it. I tell them that it's a local triathlon, well its about 40 miles from H-town, maybe 50, but very close. I proceed to tell them some more that they should look into it and that we can be a team and all go together. Wait a second, did I just say a "team"? What am I thinking, I am totally new to this tri world and I'm trying to get a team! Really, it's the thought of bringing others into the tri world and letting them find there way but having friends is a great way to do it. Well see how it turns out.
Today, Thursday, it was a great 6 mile run with 1:30 second intervals to really jack my HR up!
Overall it was a great run and my legs could feel the workout from yesterday so I can only imagine what they will feel like tonight at swim practice. Ahha, its all good!

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Sarah said...

It'd be awesome to get a team together -- getting new people excited about the sport is always great.