Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Falling leaves.

This morning as I walk out to throw out the trash I notice that a few of the leaves are scattered on the ground from the nice tree at the front of the house. I pause for a moment to notice that fall is here and it's time for the trees to let there lil` leaves go and for me to utterly rake and rake till there all gone for the winter. Not that I mind raking because the fall and winter are wonderful times of the year. So many things happen in the fall/winter and for all different reasons.
Some look at the end of the year as a time for ending things out that started yearly in the year, business look towards the end of the year to close accounts and prepare to start there new fiscal year, yet others, like myself, look at the end of the year as starting on the next year.
Now that does seem like a rush ahead and why would anyone want to fast forward so quickly? Believe me, I do not wish to rush anything but by focusing on the future today, you can reach your future destination much more easily than procrastinating and over working yourself when the time is near.
I love the end of the year, fall/winter for many more reasons. October bring Halloween, which, these days seems to get run over by the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush and by the fact that these days most are scared and very cautious of Halloween due to increased "weirdness" in your society, can't blame those for that though, it is what it is. Oct. 31st is a great day to be a kid again and enjoy dressing up like some crazy cartoon character or latest super hero, what ever makes you smile inside and forget about the imagine we try to maintain day in and out. I think this year as I open the door to trick or treat I will be a something funny, yet to be determined.
With Halloween on the pass next is Thanksgiving with loads of food and many more attempts to stay active and in the gym to burn those extra calories we all love to hate! Spending time with family, enjoying the cooler crisp air and watching those college and nfl football games is always fun.
Next we are on to Christmas with more food and family. But really it's about the celebration of Jesus. Some feel otherwise and this is OK and respectful in what you believe. The celebration of a new beginning for a new life that changed people forever, awesome! We exchange gifts, goto parties and enjoy one's company I think more than any other time of the year. It let's us realize that people and friends are what makes life fun.
As the year concludes with the celebration of a New Year we attend more parties and events with fellow friends and recap on what was accomplished throughout the year and what is going to be accomplished in the new year. A time for enjoyment.
Can't wait to write more on these occasions as the pass us by.
But when you look back at it, it all started with the falling leaves....

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Steven said...

I love the holidays! But falling leaves...uh...not so much! We have many many trees around us and they drop many many leaves and it takes me many many hours and many many bags to get them all cleaned up.

My wife doesn't understand the groan I make when I see the first few leaves lying on my yard.