Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Take a whack at it

Today was a good easy workout this morning with a light recovery run of a mile and some upper body working out with weights. It's good to be at the gym as I have always had a love for lifting weights. I see some fellow lifters and the regulars that are there at the normal times and say hello and chat briefly as I make my way to working out.
Right after work I headed over to the practice field to help catch for my daughter at soft ball pitching lessons. She has been pitching for about 3 years now and has been through different coach's to bring her to her current level but in the beginning it's mostly ball control and some speed but these days it's change up's, fast balls, curves and sliders. Never imaged one could pitch all those in Softball. Anyway, as we start the practice I soon come to realize that she, Brittany, has some great power in her little 95 lb body and arm. The stinging on my left hand as I catch a few reminds me that I better not miss catching the ball or else!... well, no sooner than I say that to myself and WHAPO!!! It got past me and I tried to use my quad and knee to catch the ball. Let me tell you this is not a good idea. As my leg goes instantly numb from the stinging pain I jump to my feet to limp around and shake it off as much as I can. I really couldn't believe it hurt that much let alone believe that she threw it that HARD! So after trying to kneel back down and continue on catching I tell myself that I must catch that ball! and so I did! Brittany had a great practice and with a little sore arm I am very proud of her and her accomplishments.
After practice I rushed over to meet up with the coach of the masters swim program I was looking at and after talking with him he invites me to swim right then. Luckily, I had my swim clothes just in case this happened or was hoping. So I jump in the pool and the coach, who is now known as Coach Dubon tells me that it is only me and 1 other student named Amy. Wow, 2 of us in program with one-one coaching, can't beat that! So he adjusts my stroke here and there a few times and gives me a few things to focus on and then I started swimming laps. And Laps, and Laps, and Laps. Somewhere in there Amy asks me "are you tired, yet?" I responded with a winded "just about." Next thing I know the Coach says great your done, you've just swam 550 meters. I was like what, 550? Dang that was cool! He then started me on the Backstroke with just an easy kick and balance stating that this will help in the overall scheme of things and triathlons. I am very coachable and open minded so I happily enjoy the beginning of something new. Once completed with swimming Coach and I are talking about my triathlon goals and races next year and instantly tells me that "swimming 1.2 miles by next April is not going to be a problem, in fact, you will be able to swim that by December if you keep constant."
I'm excited to continue with swim class on M, W, Th and am looking forward to the new stroke.
In the grand scheme of things its all 1 Step Closer 2 Ironman!

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