Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quick Update.. IronStar Triathlon

Hey all! Well, I am finally feeling better after going from a cold to a sinus infection. Now I am taking meds so they have started to work. Monday night was a good swim class reaching a 1000 yards! yahoo! I was suckin wind and water but I made it. Tuesday was 6 mile run which was great because it was about 53*, burr. Today, was a short 4 mile easy run because tonight is swim class. Still working on the new two wheeled motorcycle deal and no word on if it's a done deal or not. If so, great, if not, BOOO! LOL..
This Sunday is the IronStar Triathlon in Conroe, TX and I will be volunteering in the Bike transistion. I will be wearing a RED MET-RX Visor/hat so look for me for those that will be around.. JohnnyTri's the name so just yell out to me, "Yo Johnny!"
Ok, gotta get to work but will be back later.. rockon`


Steven said...

53* = burr?

I don't think so!

Try 31*!!

That is what the forecast is calling for on Marathon Morning for me on Sunday!


JohnnyTri said...

Yea thats really BURR! but I think thats what Las Vegas marathon is close to that at the start, a little higher I think, so I cant really whine about it..