Thursday, October 26, 2006

IronStar Tri and More.

Ok, I know this is my blog so why would I post a head shot of myself? Well, because for those of you how are partaking in the IronStar 1/2 Iron this weekend on Oct. 29th in Conroe, TX. you can look for me as a volunteer in the Bike transistion area and possible at the finish line.
I will be wearing the customary volunteer t-shirt and this Red Met-RX visor/hat. So shout out to JohnnyTri or yo Johnny or something like that and let me know who you are really quick as well. Hopefully, your not yelling at me to getta outta da damn way!! LOL...
Weather for Sunday is a low of 53* and a high of 76* and sunny so it should be a great day for the athletes. Also don't forget to set your Clocks back 1 hour!
Swim training was a good yesterday even though it was in the rain. The Houston Swim Club is an out door heated pool so rain, sleet or snow (H-town's only had snow 1 time since I've been here in 10 years and it didn't really stick, but it snowed) Last night's swim set seemed to be challenging or maybe it was because my legs were tired from the morning's 4 mile run but I doubt it, I think it was just harder. A total of 950 yards came in various sets, it was all good even though I felt like I needed an O2 bottle to recover.
Feeling much better and less stuffiness and congestion! Tonight or tomorrow is packet pick up for the Pumpkin Fun run that my daughter and I will be running of Saturday morning. Then we get in free to the Houston Zoo so that should be fun as well, I like the zoo and there's a new baby boy elephant that just arrived.
Don't forget to jump over to my bro Steve and wish him a great good luck on cranking out that Tri-Cities Marathon under 3 hours this Sunday, You Can Do It Bro!! Keep them legs pumping in that 31* weather, now that's Cold!


Steven said...

Thanks for the shout-out of encouragement!

I'll let ya know how it goes...

Allez said...

I can't wait to get that extra hour of sleep this weekend! I love going to the zoo. Have fun!