Thursday, October 19, 2006

When its love.

OK, so today as I am checking my email I see in my Bulk inbox that few messages, probably junk right? Well, as I open the box I see a pre-sale for tickets to Enrique Iglesias. I thought cool, he's coming to H-town, hasn't been here in a long while and my wife really likes him. I must admit after going to 2 of his concerts he does put on a good show so I was a little bit ecstatic as well.
As I open the email and see the pre-sale actually starts TODAY! What? Are you kidding me? Doesn't a brother even get time to think about going or save money or something? Nope! There on sale right as I read and it's probably buy now or risk not going at all. He is also playing at the Verison Wireless Center which is not really a big venue so it will sell out quickly. Best thing about the Verison is that it's smaller so all the seats are pretty good.
Anyway, as I am ranting about the tickets being on sale I log in and find a couple of seats, called my wife and bought the tickets. She was completely totally overly excited and could only imagine the smile and jumping up and down at work that she was doing. I again must admit that I was happy to be going and even more happy that I can take her. One thing about us going is that it is the day before we leave out town so what a great way to start off the vacation, except, wife has to work the next day and I'm off, oops, sorry honey.
Ok, so now is when the title of this post comes about: When it's love. (no, not the Van Halen song) but knowing that the registration for my 1/2 IM is opening on Nov 1 in 13 days and I just basically spent the money I was GOING to use to take my wife to the concert and now have to figure out how to pay for the triathlon. Thing was that even knowing that I had to use the money for the triathlon I knew it would matter much more about buying the tickets and I know there is always another way to come up with money to enter a triathlon, even if it is my 1st half distance, locally and has a potential of selling out. All in all, I am happy that I chose to buy the tickets because I know that the tri stuff will come (and it prevents further arguments down the road about anything related to tri's) I mean, what could I say, "sorry honey, I registered for the triathlon the weekend before your birthday (its on Tuesday) instead of taking you to see Enrique." Know what I mean, lol.
It's when it's love that you can immediately give up the love for something you care about for something someone else cares about on the spur of the moment.


Steven said...

You better get the Enrique tickets so you can keep peace in the household.

Just my advice...!

JohnnyTri said...

Already did bro..thanks!!
Were going!

Allez said...

I would take a triathlon over Enrique ANY day! Despite my personal tastes, your wife is lucky to have someone so thoughtful. :-)