Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Toys.

The mail is here, the mail is here, the mail is here!!! Never so excited to get the mail expect when something new is coming for me. Today it was my new little bike cycolocomputer Ascent Delta V Wireless and a Goodie Stasher. My old puter stopped working who knows when because it was some time before I had gotten on my ol`Lotus Tanker. I ordered a simple puter with the basic info on it so although it is not a GPS, tell you your DNA sophistication type I am happy to have it. Tonight, it will be installed along with checking out my rear tire and find out why its rubbing on the rear frame. Also, I said that I got a new goodies bag, it's a little bag that straps to the top tub near the stem and holds goodies! Not sure how it will work but anything might be better than me trying to reach behind me and grab something out of my cycle jersey while maintaining control of the steering, Ok, so I've had some complications with that, LOL. And hey guess what? Tomorrow is cycle and swim day so I gotta get it fixed up. Today was a 6 mile tempo run or maybe it turned into intervals at times but overall it was good and I felt good. Completed my 6 miles in 1hr 7 mins, which is about a minute/mile fast overall for me! This afternoon I can feel my quads a little tight so I know I had a good run. Now I just have to get that HR monitor fixed next week! Rockon`

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Kate said...

Congrats on the tempo! I'm super jealous of the new toys!

In answer to your q on my blog: When we first moved back to NZ in 88, the selection of American candy was pretty poor. M&Ms and Snickers, yes, but not much else. We now get Reese's, a selection of Hershey's, Jelly Belly (and we get Oreos finally too. YAY) BUT we don't get butterfingers (grr) or graham crackers or marshmallow fluff or lots of other things. Then again, there's lots of good NZ candy that I'd miss if I wasn't here. Jaffas, Snifters, Crunchie bars.. Yum!