Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Slowly moving

Yesterday, was an easy workout day back into running with what I thought was going to be an easy 2 miles. After hitting the pool and talking with OSG I kicked out my 500 yards and was out of the water. I felt good during the swim, much better than last swim session. Once I got up to the treadmill and started jogging, my legs felt like huge logs that did not want to move! I slowed to try walking upbeat to try and warm up a little more but it never really came. I increased the speed and continued on my run. After mile 1 I was still fighting the legs and my HR just kept climbing out of zone, I thought, I must not be recovered from the long humid, hot run on Saturday morning but it was really hot in the gym and knew that was part of the problem. By mile 1.5 I was looking down hill although running a bit faster, my legs still felt like tree trunks. I was sure glad to see mile 2 come around on the read out but was thinking I should goto 2.5 or 3 miles but then reminded myself that it was an Easy scheduled day and I had not swam before running in the past few weeks so that was probably playing into my fatigue. Tuesday morning it was up and early as usual. I got all my bike stuff loaded and was at the loop park and started riding. It was cool out this morning, about 63 degrees, so once I started moving I could feel the wind and it was really starting to wake me up. After 3 loops I noticed that my bike was making this funny sound and started to search where the noise was coming from. Next thing I know I realize that my rear tire is running on the inside of my frame, which is obviously not a good thing! I being to slow down and head back to my vehicle and luckily I made it there without the tire popping. Crap, I said as I load my bike back up and head home, it's only been 25 mins! Ohwell, what can I do? Plan B is to now get to the gym but dropping my daughter off at school and making my way back across town is the task at hand. I make it to the gym and engage in a great Back and Triceps workout and next thing I know 45 mins have passed and I make my way to the stationary bike. After 30 mins on the stationary bike I was feeling somewhat redeemed from the technical difficulties of this morning. Hey, as I was out there this morning on the loop and there were quite a few fellow tri bikers. Ok, so this got me thinking because these guys were in a train line (drafting) and really kickn it around the loop, which was cool, but I was thinking why do the draft off eachother if you cannot in triathlon races? I guess maybe there just working out, dunno. For now it's just training and life ....1 step at a time.. rockon`

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Steven said...

When I'm in full-on tri-training mode I make it point to not draft when riding with others. For the reason you state - you can't draft (legally) in races!

Drafting makes it easier which means the riding is not as intense which will lead to slower race times. That's my logic anyway.