Sunday, September 03, 2006

One lap..

Well after reading Wil's totally inspiring post this morning it was a must to believe that I could get to the pool. As thoughts of doing everything else just so I could pretend that I didn't have time came to my head, the heart felt words of Wil put it all together.

It is so great to have others in our lives states words of daily advise from experiences that encourage use to continue in our own personal lives at what ever it may be.

As I entered the pool excited to practice swim drills the picture above states about what my pool looked like, Empty! (picture is not of my swim area) Being empty was a sure sign of how I get to rule the pool! Pick my own lane and splash as much as I want. As I began swimming my warm up laps I quickly took note to the fact that my swim technique is not very good and going back to the basics of drills is what is about to happen. The old saying of "crawl before you walk" so I took to drills and actually had a great time. Somewhere, 30 mins into the workout, some other fishy splasher took a lane and now there was 2. We conversed shortly between rests and continued on. It truly comes to say that in our sport, if your swimming there's nice people, if your biking there's nice people and if your running there's nice people. Where else can you meet so many nice people doing different things.

As I neared the end of my swim drills 45 mins later and my left calve starting to cramp on me causing me to turn in all different directions and look like a fish that just got hooked I noticed a few others taking to the lanes and one asking me if I was finished. I guess the odd display of swim technique during cramping was a sign of distress or dismay, haha. Yes, I replied and head off to change and begin my weight workout.

On this Labor Day weekend so many things are going on around us but as I walk about and think back about Wil's post I embrace my training today because in time I will be where she is approaching race day and remembering what she said about Belief; in myself, my training and my knowledge over the last year.

Today is again 1 Step Closer to Ironman!


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Iron Pol said...

I've always thought it odd to ask someone if they're finished. I always ask if I can join their lane. If they say they're finished, that's fine.

Swimming with others is good motivation. And swimming alone is a perfect opportunity to do those really "goofy feeling" drills. You know, the ones that have you floating along without actually swimming.

Congratulations on setting some solid goals. Keep them flexible enough to fit your schedule, and be open to change. You'll find things constantly shifting as you go through the training for various events.