Sunday, September 17, 2006

It truely is the Gridiron

This is a new movie out this weekend with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and a must see! Totally inspiring and heart whelming. He plays Coach Sean Porter, who is on right. True Inspirational Story! I wont give it away but you got to see it. Then we can talk about it.
Saturday's run was ugly but pretty. I woke up a little later than normal because I went to bed late and so when I was getting ready in the morning, my wife woke up so I asked her if she wanted to go walk while I ran and with a greatness she said Yes! It's so nice to have her come out even though we really don't stay together once we're there but the ride to and from and talking as I finished my run and made the turn around and caught back up with her. It was Nice!
The Ugly part was the fact that the humidity was like 859% if there is such a thing! Which made it very very sticky, muggy and sweaty! Due to the not so nice condition it was hard to keep my HR down in my Z1 and Z2 levels and caused me to talk more than usual. I ended a long short run with 4 miles.
The rest of the day was just relaxing and spending time with the family and my daughters friend who spent the night on Friday and for some reason they stayed up really late because they didn't wake up till Noon! Nice to be a teenager, remember? LOL.
As the afternoon went on I knew I needed to prepare for bike ride on Sunday morning. I had to check up ol`Lotus 2001 2 wheeled tank! and make sure I was ready to go. Turns out my cyclocomputer is shot, darn! I went to the LBS to get a couple of spare tubes, gatorade, bars and gels. Got the bike ready and then we left for dinner and movies. Great!
Sunday morning woke up and got everything into the Murano, which, by the way, I was very happy with because once I folded the seats down my whole bike fit without having to take the wheel off! This makes me very happy for now because I didn't really want to buy a hitch/rack to haul it around, so I can make do and put it on my Christmas list (for those of family who are reading this, hint, hint)
Got to my unloading spot to start my ride and low and behold, no Cycling Shoes! So a few choice words were called out and I went back home to get them, it's about 16 mins away so 40 mins later I'm back at where I started with shoes. Start off on the ride and it's nice and easy. HR is staying down in Z1 and feels nice out. About 8 miles in I stopped a local store for facilities and some other cyclists caught up. We all proceeded together down the route but when it got onto the flats this group layed the hammer down. The leader turned around and asked me "are you comin?" I said "thanks but I'm riding slow today, I appreciate it though" (Like I could have kept up with this group) So next thing I know there outta sight. Being as my computer was out I planned on just riding an hour out and back so when I got to the time check I turned around and headed back. Let's see if I can get back a little quicker I told myself. Not only did I seem to have a slight tailwind but there were a few rain clouds waiting for me, nothing bad, just drizzles. I made it back in 45 mins. Oh yea, somewhere on the turn around my HR decided it was tired and didn't want to monitor anymore so I went by PRE. When I got back I drove the route and ended up at 28.5 miles. Good, bad, heck I don't know. Most I've riden outside in a long time. I felt good just Hungry. When the HR stopped I was at 1130 calories burned so I figured it was the same going back and eating what I brought and stopped to get was no where near that many burned.
It's raining really hard now and I have eaten lunch to get some calories back. I feel good overall.
As I rode, I thought about the movie Gridiron Gang and different parts. Once you see it you will relate to it as well. It's funny how the pool, rode, and pathways we SBR on are our Gridiron! It's where we have to take control and do it, as Nike says. We are the ones that have to have Heart to continue, no one can give us dedication or heart. We have to dig inside and find our drive to never quit, even when it's rough and tough and things are not the way we want them to be. Even when there's a dnf in a race, you have to dig back in and sign back up and go for it. It's a never quitting attitude, an attitude to be a Winner! Winner's have patience, determination, and Heart. "The Difference between Winner's and Loser's, is that Winner's Don't Quit!"

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Steven said...

Nice that you got to spend some time with your wife. That's always a good thing.

I'm looking forward to The Gridiron Gang. I love those types of movies.