Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For the Love of Iron

OK, ok, it's true. I love the Iron in some way shape or form. Today, I was set to go swimming but due to not getting enough sleep the last few nights I did not feel recovered from Sunday and Monday and my morning heart rate was higher than normal so I slept in another couple of hours, which by the way was Great! So I wake up get ready and head to the gym to lift weights.
As I am performing my upper body workout I realize as the music is rockn` in my ears that I love the IRON. I have always lifted weights, ever since high school. Workout out has been something that I have had to partake in ever since the high school days. Reading the muscle magazines, talking to other weight lifters and even going to local body building and Mr. Olympia contests. At times I could never get enough of the weights and life style of working out and eating good. So this morning as I was working out and the love of the iron came to me I realized that I really love things with Iron.
I love the weights, iron; I love guns, iron; I love muscle cars, of which I own a 1970 Chevelle Supersport, iron; I have always loved watching the Ironman Triathlons on ABC's Wide World of Sports from the first time I saw it, so its Iron! Big Iron gates that surround the house of Don Corleone in the movie the Godfather, Iron.
It just represents strength, toughness and hardness!
It's those things that make us better as people, as athletes.

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Steven said...

A 1970 Chevelle? SWEET! 396?
You MUST post pics!
I was a Camaro man myself and have owned a 1975 RS, 1979 RS, 1981 Z-28, and a 1983 IROC Z-28. The '75 was the fastest of the bunch with a 400hp 350-V8 and Hurst 4-spd. It screamed.

Oh to be young and reckless again. Now I think about carbon fiber and shaving grams off a bicycle.

My how times change!