Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Missing The Crocodile Hunter

We have heard the news that Mr. Steve Irwin as passed due to a freak accident. Recent internet information states there is video of him getting stung and pulling out the barb from the stingray. Such a tragic loss of such a great person. I have watched Crocodile Hunter for about 5 years that I can remember and have seen many daring adventures that Mr. Irwin undergoes as we all have. The love and passion that Mr. Irwin displays for his work and nature that he chooses to be a part of are something that most people fail to find sometime in there lives. Most or all of us would say that Steve is Crazy! That Croc guy, he's nuts! And so be it true to that fact, the fact that Mr. Irwin was crazy. He was crazy about his blessings to be doing something that his heart desired, work with animals. Watching him on TV and just listening to him talk and explain the facts of various creatures you could immediately tell his love for teaching, love for adventure and his love for himself. So many words can be said for Mr. Irwin but there is not enough places to write them down. The World has truly lost a legend in nature. Mr. Steve Irwin you will be missed, God Be with you. It comes to question, can everyone, such as Mr. Irwin, have a love and passion for things in there life? We, that search for the finish line of an Ironman race have that love and passion. It's the love and passion to train, to push ourselves to the limits, to endure pain, to learn from our mistakes and to embrace our long journey of training when the finish line appears. And when the finish line is crossed a new and different journey begins, what is it? It's what ever your love and passion is. I began the day with general cardiovascular exercise and some upper body weights, followed by a short 20 min stationary bike. Continuing on to work, as we must, and going throughout the day with several people commenting on Mr. Irwin's passing and how he died loving what he did. I reflect on that for a while and it strikes me that today, I love what I do. I love being a husband, father, co-worker, Chiropractor, friend and an triathlete in training who is taking 1 Step Closer to Ironman! Rockon`


teacherwoman said...

I agree...we all have those passions in life. Mine, is my career...working as an educator of students with special needs. Second to that is being active. Pushing myself harder to become a better runner, cyclist, and swimmer...when given and making the time to do so!

Great post!

Flatman said...

Nice blog, brother!