Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fact or Fiction?

When we as humans have that one thought in our brains that is extraordinary, to accomplish something in our lives that's sets us apart inside, is it a Fact or Fiction? You can dream upon that thought and it is truly Fiction. It can take you anywhere you want it to go, you can feel how ever you want to feel and it can be as fast or slow as you want it, but it's still Fiction.
Fact, a noun, defined as: a thing done: the quality of being actual : something that has actual existence : an actual occurrence : a piece of information presented as having objective reality - in fact : in truth. Now that thought you have can become Fact if you desire to act upon it. For me, the thought was Ironman, has been for the last 10 years. Why would anyone want to Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles and Run 26.2 miles, ALL IN ONE DAY! At age 35, almost 36, the dream of it has still been Fiction. But the change has come to go from fiction to fact and it takes 1 step at a time! My athletic background has taken me more to the weight lifting scene and as a big guy, 6'1" 215lbs, running or biking has never been a forte, let alone freestyle swimming. 5 years ago, I hired a triathlon coach to teach me to swim freestyle. After a few weeks of lessons, I was swimming along fine and continued to run and bike and train to complete a Sprint Triathlon. As it turns out, I completed that triathlon and had a blast! I envisioned my continued training to the tune of an Olympic and 1/2 IM distances with a full IM before I turned 34. As I said now almost at 36, the continuation of life and priorities changed over the past few years and my Fact turned back to Fiction. At 34, I ran a marathon and thought that I would never run that distance again! I have heard others say that "running a marathon by itself is much harder than completing it after a triathlon", not sure how true that is but 1 step at a time and we will eventually find out.
Within the past few months I have decided I want my Fiction to become FACT and in doing so I have set out on swim, bike, run training and have signed up for two 1/2 marathons approaching in Dec 06 Las Vegas and Jan 07 Houston. Within the run training comes the swim and bike portion to achieve the training and confidence to toe the line on May 2007 for the Florida Half Ironman and prepare to register for a full Ironman distance sometime in 2007 to be completed in 2008 at the age of 37. Its a great feeling to know that long hard work and day in-out life of training for a year will all pay off; Wil, makes great reference to this in her blog, which is inspiring and true to life. Over the next year I look forward to posting, reading and learning from others. In the beginning it all starts as Fiction and with 1 step closer to Ironman, it will one day be FACT! Rockon`

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Sarah said...

Welcome to the blog world. IM is a very small bug in my head. It seems like an impossible goal for someone as slow as me, but maybe... Look forward to reading about your training!