Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day work..

Today, Labor Day. A day of honoring the workers of America. Funny how the day starts out with a morning easy run followed by a weight training session. The gym is open and there are a few trainers with clients working out. As I finish my workout I notice that more people have arrived to complete there exercise. As I make my way home, I stop off to vacuum the car and put gas. Again, I notice how people are diligently working and moving to and from. As I arrive home, family is in the dining room have breakfast and laughing. My brother in-law stops by from his morning work shift for a quick bite to eat, yet again working, he states that his day will end at 2 pm. Once breakfast is over cleaning up the morning mess takes part and is quickly done with several family members pitching in to help out. Next thing I know my dryer is smelling like some kind of burning fire so quickly its stopped and check. After an hour of cool down I begin to take it apart. This becomes a project of cleaning the lent from every nook and cranny I can find. I notice that several minutes into this that Labor Day has really taken its name. I seem to be sweating more working on the dryer project than I did in my morning run/workout, I laugh because by now I have cut my finger and somehow managed to stick the corner of a cabinet door into the side of my hamstring. Once I am finished with this its lunch time and some of the family has returned for lunch and everything is warmed up and brought out. I love having family and laughs together and even on a Labor Day, a day set aside for special recognition of working people, it all comes together with a question. Is there really such a day where there is no work? Not really. We may be off work today and it may slip our minds that the day is to recognize working people but most of those people ARE WORKING! (I recognize the men and women of our country that protect us each day (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) We must understand that even though some of use are off work today and enjoying not going to the office or meeting with clients, its the local house work, bbq, cleaning, posting on blogs and daily workouts that continue to have us working. In the grand scheme of things I enjoy my blessing to work. If its for the sake of earning a living or for the mere enjoyment of spending time with family and friends or even for pure self enjoyment of working out and taking that one step closer to Ironman.

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