Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Alone in morning..

Today as I ran at 4:45 am I really felt the beginning of sacrifices we make to feed the addiction to train for Triathlons. I mean, there was only like 5 other people that I passed on the 3 mile trail at that time. Part of that trail runs parralle to a pretty busy road for most of the day but at this time it was bare. As I ran along the road I noticed how dark it was and was waiting to see the sun come up but knew that I would be done and heading back home before that. I realized that in those lonely places where there is only you and the road and nature you have nothing to do but think. Think about your training, how your running, biking, eating. Think about your day if you choose. Think about fellow bloggers and how you cant wait to read there latest. Its a nice quite time if you will. As I finished my 5 miles there were a lot more people on the trail, slackers! I thought to myself, being as I was up before the Chickens, LOL. But they were out there and that's what counts. As the day progressed, I caught up on IronWil's latest and am very intrigued to learn more about her IMOO experience. As I write tonight, I think that about the swim I must undergo in the morning and know that It is going to be tough to once again get out bed and jump into a pool, it just doesn't seem right! Bed=warm, comfortable - Pool=cold, wet, uncomfortable.
I guess those are the things that we go through to become Iron(people) men/women. Its the price we pay for doing the unordinary, although, once we do it enough it then becomes the ordinary for us. I've heard if you do something for 21 days in a row it then becomes a habit, not sure if that is true but are triathles are creatures of habit? Is it the constant swimming, biking and running day in and out that makes us habit creatures? Maybe, maybe not. I like to think that it's the drive to push ourselves to the limit of endurance, find our inner self limiters and learn about ourselves in ways we never thought possible. To do what most call absurd, 140.6 miles in one day! If you really think about it, it is absurd, but that's IRONMAN. And once you have the ironbug bite, it will not let you go, until your inner self is at peace.
Not sure if or when that really happens but for now, my inner self is screaming quietly within and patiently waiting to step onto the IM playing field.
But that is another story....

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RE: IM USA - I have not done that one. Yet. But I will. So Far IM CdA is my only one with IMC being my next in 2007. IM USA could be #3...