Thursday, September 28, 2006

How cycling shoes can make you hurt.

This really only happens to me, right? Got home yesterday and got all my new stuff on the bike and loaded it up for the morning ride. Woke up 4:15am and was out the door to the Loop. Unloaded the bike and sat down on the back of my Murano to put on my cycling shoes and as I was sitting there with one leg up putting my shoe on, WHAMO!! CRAMP! SPASM! to my mid-lower back. Felt like I just got stabbed with a spoon, no really, it did. So now I can't breath and I am trying to stand up to get the cramping to stop knowing that when it does, my back is going to still hurt. Sure enough, I manage to get the spoon outta there and still can't really breath and start walking around to loosen up, oh yea, with 1 cycling shoe on and 1 tennis shoe on. Finally, I am able to get myself together and take off on the bike, riding only 12 miles of the scheduled 15 due to my back started becoming annoying. This also blew the whole swim workout I had planned after riding. OK, so do things like this ever happen to anyone else? Something so simple yet can influx such a great bodily disturbance, frankly, it pisses me off! I mean come on, here I go to the gym and bench, squat, press, curl, and pull on hundreds of pounds of body sculpting iron and I can't sit down, lift my leg up and put a cycling shoe on! What gives? (obviously my back, LOL) As a chiropractor I knew that I spasmed out my back muscles and that it was going to be an all day nuisance and couldn't wait to get to the office to have it worked on (perks). So as I write, the back is better but now stiff and again annoying to sit and stand. But all in all it is a great day. I completed more than 3/4 of my scheduled bike and I was able to play with my new online training schedule at Beginner Triathlete. It's actually pretty cool if you like online stuff like and getting detailed on tracking your workouts and the basic stuff is Free! It really doesn't cost that much for the memberships if you would like more bells and whistle's with your training. Anyway, I have to go get in the massage chair, Boo-Yahh!!! Rockon`

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