Thursday, September 21, 2006

Winners of Life

Waking up today was not really a problem to head to the pool. Actually, all day was not a problem, it was actually pretty good. When I got to the pool, OSG, was there and just getting ready to start his swim so that leads me to believe that he is 5 am swimmer as well. We xchanged words briefly and both commenced to swimming. I swam 400 y and I was out of gas. (note to self, Gotta swim more) So after a few swim drills w/ and w/o paddles I went to ride the stationary bike, although, I ran out of time and had to leave I felt it was productive. On the way out, OSG, say "C-ya next time" I think we are becoming the swimmers of the 5 am because no one else is even looking at the pool at that time. Matter of fact as I was riding the bike I counted 26 people working out at 5:30 am, guess the others were in bed.
Anyway, I got home and dug out my ol`bible book of triathlon. Wait, it is called something like that, "the Triathlete's Training Bible" and noticed that I had marked a date on the inside cover when I started reading it and wow! It was June 22, 2002! And I also noticed that I did not get far and it appeared that I picked through certain sections of the book that I wanted to read first.
So it got me thinking, what was I doing in 2002 and how come it has taken 4 more years to get back to Triathlons? As I remember, the long story in short, I was living in Las Vegas at the time and wanted to be in a triathlon, problem was I didn't even know how to swim front crawl. So I looked around for a coach and found a guy named Frank Butterfield. Great guy with the pittance's and love for helping others in the fitness world of working out, swimming, biking or running, or all the above.
Hired Frank as my coach and he we started in the pool on the wall. It took a few lessons to get me to the other side and a few weeks later I was swimming down and back. Then due to "life" I moved back to H-town and continued training and did my first Sprint triathlon in Austin, TX. then called the Capital of Texas Triathlon and now called Americas Triathlon. So I had a great time and loved it. Then "life" again and in 2004 I ran my first marathon here in Houston.
Continued to just be active lifting weights but nothing in the tri world but always having it in the back of my mind. People are right, once you get bit by the tribug it's in you. It may have laid dormant for a while but it's active and wanting more.
So what brought it out of it's sleeping lazy state? After working out this last year and getting in better physical shape I started running more and realized that I wanted to run a marathon again but did not want to put in the time to train for it so went for the 1/2. Next thing I know I want to try swimming again and then biking. So I do a little of both and start looking up web sites again and I am hooked once again! I even volunteered for local tris just to go hang out and help and be around it. Then one day I find YOU GUYS! Blogger Land. I read about Wil, TriSaraTops, and Stu and how they are all getting ready for Ironman Wisconsin and I am totally drawn into there lives and stories and struggle's of preparing. I tell myself I want to be like them and all the others I eventually seek out on the blog. I'm Hooked! So low and behold 1 Step Closer 2 Ironman is created.
Ironman is not just about SBR, it's about life, dedication, balance, endurance, friendship, discipline, strength, learning, understanding and Love. Love for yourself, others, and the sport.
I am eager to continue my steps closer to Ironman because I know no matter what the result is we are winners, winners of Life (WOL).

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greyhound said...

Thanks for your comment, and I just now found your blog. I'll put a link in the sidebar of trigreyhound with all the other studly, Texas teammates.

That 1/2 in Galveston is going to be primo. Cannot wait.