Saturday, September 23, 2006

meeting Ironman AZ ...

Friday was a nice rest day. Although it seemed like I should be doing something I refrained and rested, oh wait, does mowing the lawn because the grass is about 12" high count as anything? I did have to do that right when I got home because I have been putting if off all week since about 3 weeks ago, haha. Hey, I had to get the long bike ride in! After finishing the lawn I told my wife to get ready because we were going out for dinner. She asked "where to?" I said "just a place, get ready."
When we were on the way when I told her she had two choices, (maybe that was a mistake) it was either a place called Niko Niko's (for those Houstonian's, they know its a great Greek place) and an Italian place called "Vincents". Her reply was "I don't want Greek, I don't like it", I said "Have you tried it?" She said "No but I don't want it and Italian? Not sure I want that either" I guess screaming could have been the next thing but trying to keep from utterly driving around the city to find something to eat I gave her 1 more choice, El Patio Mexican restaurant. Funny, enough she then says "Well, you pick?" Hey wait, I thought! That is what I had done in the first place and you disagreed with my first 2 picks. (One time when we were dating we went to the original El Patio and had dinner and drinks and close to the end of dinner my wife, Rebecca; girlfriend at that time, said she started feeling really weird, like woozy and disoriented. She had drank 2 of there famous Blue margaritas, which was not enough to buzz here but we were leaving the restaurant and she said that she started feeling dizzy so much so that she couldn't walk straight. We we got to the car and I was making fun of her because I had said she drank too much and was a lush but just as we left the parking lot she said to pull over she was going to be sick and next thing you know, she was.
We eventually got back to my apartment and I got her to the couch and was next thing I know she's passed out like Mike Tyson just hit her. Next morning she said that something like that has never happened to her and she felt really weird, not like drunk weird but like totally out of it weird. Well as days went out and talking to other friends about what happened, word was, rumors, that the restaurant was known for putting some kind of "extra" stuff in the drinks of women to get them outta it and acting crazy. The place is a nice place and the atmosphere can be wild on Friday nights so maybe that was true, I don't know but we never went back to the original.)
So Italian or Mexican was the now the current choice. I headed towards El Patio Mid-town and when we arrived we decided to sit inside because it was a little hot, humid and windy. We had never been to this new location in mid-town so were reluctant due to the experience he had at the original location before. Overall, it was Great and no problems with the drinks! I would recommend the Mid-town location.
Saturday morning was out the door for the morning run at 6:30 am. Meet up with the Team In Training Group Gulf Coast Chapter and ran with them on the 7 mile route. Finished in 1 hr 26 mins, which is a good run for me and it was humid. After the run I was standing around talking to others and I met this lady named, Elisabeth, who had just had knee surgery 2 weeks ago and was out running! OMG, she was running! Two weeks ago, surgery! Anyway, as we started to talk she told me about the injury and the what she had been doing to help recover it and that she was an Ironman!!! I was like wait a minute, back that last line up again, you did Ironman? She said yea, Ironman Arizona 2006 and loved it! Said she would do it again in 2008. Wow, I met a local Ironman! She was a very nice lady and lots of other people had been coming around to talk to her and ask her questions about running and her knee and what not. I left thinking, Wow, Ironman! She's an Ironman and I met her, Ironman, huh, imagine that. Mine is coming, one day at a time.


Allez said...

That whole restaurant picking thing happens to me alot! Glad its just not me :-)

TriSaraTops said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog on my IM journey! :) Where do you plan on doing an IM? I see CDA, AZ, and WI in your sidebar....I vote Wisconsin! :) For obvious reasons of course. ha ha

JohnnyTri said...

Im thinking IMAZ first and IMOO 2nd. Problem with IMOO in sept, is that it leaves training in the Hottest parts of the year here in Houston, TX, so just getting prepared since now if I want to register.
Have a great week..